Really. Awesome. Product. Technology.

Complete control. Real time logging. Total customisation

RAPT. A brand new, complete fermentation ecosystem. Total control. At your fingertips.

What is RAPT?

RAPT is Really Awesome Product Technology. 

RAPT is a brand new method for total fermentation control. 

RAPT is internet enabled. RAPT uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable real time logging, real time access and real time control. 

This technology allows for seamless integration of all of your RAPT enabled products, controllable and accessible from any of your devices. 

RAPT is perfect for any and all your fermentation needs – beer making, wine, salami, kimchi – almost anything where temperature and/or pressure control is an important part of the process. 

We asked ourselves what people really wanted from a fermentation chamber. What would you design if you were starting from scratch? A ground up rework, if you will.  

And RAPT was the result. 

Not just a fermentation chamber, but an ecosystem. 

The RAPT Temperature Controlled Chamber and the RAPT Pill are just the first products in the ecosystem. 

An ecosystem that is designed to revolutionise how you control fermentation. 

Imagine if you had real time monitoring of gravity and temperature from inside your fermenter. 

Imagine if you could have your fermentation temperature changed intelligently, based on real time readings. 

Think about it. Going away for a fortnight? No dramas. Tell your RAPT system to raise the temperature for a diacetyl rest when final gravity hits, then cold crash three days after that. Set an alarm to let you know when gravity is within a couple of points of terminal for dry hopping those hazy IPAs.  Design custom fermentation profiles that will ramp according to actual data for perfect control of you, based on real time temperature or gravity readings. 

We believe that RAPT will change the way you brew. 

RAPT Products

RAPT Temperature Controlled Chamber

A fermentation chamber that will both heat and cool. Controlled by the on board TFT digital control panel or from any device that is connected to the Internet via the RAPT Portal


The RAPT Pill allows for precise, realtime specific gravity and temperature measurments, logging and control via the RAPT Portal. Connectivity via both Bluetooth and WiFi means you will always know exactly what is happening.

RAPT Temperature Controller

Don’t have the room for a RAPT Temperature Chamber? Can’t bear to part with your existing fridge?

No problem! The RAPT Temperature Controller will convert your existing fridge/heating setup into a RAPT fridge. Plug and Play. Seamless. Easy.

RAPT Portal

The RAPT Portal is the software behind the hardware. From the RAPT Portal you can get real time monitoring, make changes, set profiles and acheieve a level of control as yet undreamed of!

The RAPT Portal

The RAPT Portal is the gateway to the RAPT ecosystem.

From the RAPT Portal you can access any and all of your RAPT enabled devices. Monitor real time fermentation information.

Make informed choices.

Or use the portal to set the fermentation steps you want.

Build profiles that respond in real time.

Stay informed. Brew better.

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